Ups and Downs

The Downs in Bristol

The Downs in September, when this post was written

I went out for a jog today.  (Yes, this blog begins in the middle once more, this post deliberately reminiscent of my first ever post.)  I was running in a part of Bristol called “the Downs”, thinking how uplifting running is, and that perhaps an area so popular with runners should be called “the Ups”.  I was also thinking about the ups and downs of the past year, the long pause in this blog, wondering whether it needs a brief post to explain the silence.  But how would I possibly describe the ultimate stillness of bereavement tangled up in the frenzy of activity for “Equality: Making It Happen”?  I arrived back with this post all but pouring out of my fingers before I reached my laptop.  So here it will sit, this little piece, perhaps my shortest blog entry, hovering in the ether, a loving link in the chain of blog entries, easing the door open for more to come.  As a weathered multi-tasker, I am ready to hit the ground running…

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