gnarled roots

gnarled rootsI went out for a jog this morning.  Yes, this blog starts in the middle.  I have been meaning to start it for months, but too many other commitments (and, if I am honest, feeling a bit scared by the Unknown World of Blogging) got in the way.  I have been writing blog entries for weeks, short pieces here and there, but never got round to setting up the blog.  Until today.  I noticed these gnarled roots as I was running, you see, and was intrigued by them.  Two trees side-by-side, looking so similar to each other, yet having astonishingly different roots.  I stopped running and stared in amazement at roots that look more like stones.  I took this photograph, then carried on jogging, letting my mind run with the memory of the roots.  This is how the blog could be, I thought to myself.  It might be rooted in unease or uncertainty, but a blog that grows out of these routes (or roots) can be just as vibrant and attractive as any other.

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