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Artemi Sakellariadis

Welcome to CSIE’s blog.  I am Artemi Sakellariadis, CSIE director since March 2007.  Before taking up this post I had worked in special schools for five years, as “special needs” teacher for the Portage home-visiting pre-school service for another five, then as inclusion support teacher in a primary school and in local authority support teams.  I have also held part-time lecturing posts in further education (training learning support assistants) and higher education (working with education studies students).  Just before joining CSIE I had spent four years working towards my MEd and PhD.  My job at CSIE has been the most interesting, most challenging and most gratifying of the lot!

This blog follows the story of a collaborative project between CSIE and ten schools.  The project seeks to document established inclusive practice and support more schools to promote equality and reduce discrimination.  School staff have told us that they do not always feel confident to respond to all aspects of diversity; they may feel stuck for ideas, not because they don’t have access to relevant advice or support, but because there is so much information available that it’s hard to navigate through it and find something meaningful and relevant to their particular situation.  We are working together to produce a new resource pack for schools, to bridge the gap between the need for practical information at people’s fingertips and the multitude of detailed resources widely available.

We have set up this blog for people who want to see how this work unfolds and who may want to contribute to it.  It is a virtual space for sharing information and ideas and hopefully, over time, a space for lively dialogue.  Do come in and make yourselves comfortable!

We welcome your comments on this post